Rotorua woman Frances Louis is calling for better transparency and accountability on the Rotorua Lakes Council after announcing her intention to run for mayor of the district.

Mrs Louis, 60, is a former caregiver and long time anti-electric shock therapy and anti-drug campaigner and is making her first attempt for Rotorua's top job.

She is the sixth person to put their hand up for mayor and joins incumbent mayor Steve Chadwick, Dr Reynold Macpherson, councillors Rob Kent and Mark Gould, and Rangimarie Kingi (Bosma) in the mayoral race.

Mrs Louis said she had not yet decided on her specific policies and said she would have a much better idea after a candidates information meeting being held at the council on Monday.


"But I want the council's child health hub, that's going in the library, to be challenged. I want to know where all the money is coming from.

"I also want the council to be more people orientated so that they don't become too controlled by Wellington and feel the reality of how it is for people on the street.

"It's the people at the bottom of the barrel, or in the too hard basket, and the consumers of the social welfare system here that I'm worried about.

"If the council was orientated toward people they should be picking that all up, but they are not."

She said she would have a good chance at beating incumbent mayor Steve Chadwick.

"I'm doing this to be heard, there are things going on that we don't hear about until the last minute and then they are already done. That has to stop.

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"I'm also doing this to be heard. I know how to be a team player and I'll be more effective inside the room that outside the room.

"I've been telling people that if you don't like what's happening then you have to step up - so I'm stepping up."

Mrs Louis has set up a Facebook page to help advance her campaign - Vote Frances For Mayor.

Elections will be held in October by postal vote.