Rotorua Lakes High School students have been mastering the skill of making a perfect coffee in a barista course they have been able to take during the school term for the first time.

The course is done through the school's Gateway programme but until this year had traditionally been held during school holidays.

Barb Walker, the school's Gateway co-ordinator, said offering the course during the term time had been well-received by students.

"Seeing the change in confidence for all the students has been huge, they're learning and mastering skills they thought they wouldn't have been able to do.


"It has been amazing to watch them grow from what they were doing at the beginning of the course to what they can do now, seeing that transition has been incredible.

"I've had 100 per cent attendance rate this term, the students recognise what a great skill it is to have, especially given how big hospitality is in Rotorua."

The 10-week course is NCEA accredited and delivered through Tauranga-based industry training organisation Espresso Stuff.

Student Shane Macfarlane, 17, said he was surprised by how much he enjoyed learning how to make coffee.

"It's been cool making coffees for the teachers and students during lunchtime but the challenging bit is not being able to try it so you don't know if it's really good or really bad unless you get feedback."