Changes to the controversial Green Corridor have come under fire from some retailers and on social media.

Seven inner city Green Corridor crossings have been painted red and four have been changed to pedestrian crossings with red and white stripes.

Rotorua mayor Steve Chadwick supports the changes saying anything that improved public safety was good.

However, Designer Direct owner Alf Stanley, whose business is on the corner of Pukuatua and Tutanekai Sts, said the whole concept was confusing and a waste of money.


"There's no bikes out there and what's worse is that they have taken out 70 car parks."

He said the new red and white crossings made it more confusing because people didn't understand the give way rules already. "It's a traffic nightmare and it just adds to the confusion, and we don't want traffic, we want more people."

Another retailer on Tutanekai St, who did not wish to be named, said it was a waste of money. "I'm not seeing people using it enough to warrant what they have spent on it ... I don't think it's a good idea to take away parks from in front of businesses.

The owner said the new red and white crossings "definitely" stood out, which was a good thing. "But they should have thought of them before. People were never sure whether they were supposed to stop or not."

Raphaele Windels was visiting Rotorua from Switzerland when she was also confused by the red and white stripes.

"It's confusing for me because I'm not from here, we don't know what they mean. Is it for us to stop or for cars to stop?

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"One positive thing is the red stands out, but it's still confusing," she said.

The changes came after the council conducted a safety audit but Rotorua Lakes Council's Inner City Revitalisation portfolio leader, district councillor Karen Hunt, told the Rotorua Daily Post she was unaware the crossings were being changed.

Mrs Chadwick said anything that improves public safety is good. When asked if she was aware that it was happening during the weekend she said the mayor cannot know everything that went on and that it was an operational project.

The new pedestrian crossings along the Green Corridor were put in on Ranolf and Pukuatua St, and two on Tutanekai St, with green blocks painted at the start of each crossing.

Work to re-paint existing Green Corridor road crossings with red paint only took place on Ranolf, Amohia, Pukuatua, Tutanekai, Hinemoa and Hinemaru St.

The crossings also have green blocks painted at the start of each crossing.

New crossings:
New red and white Green Corridor pedestrian crossings:

* Ranolf St

* Pukuatua St

* Tutanekai St (×2)

New red Green Corridor crossings:

* Ranolf St

* Amohia St

* Pukuatua St

* Tutanekai St (×2)

* Hinemoa St (Hinemaru St roundabout)

* Hinemaru St

Readers on our Facebook page commented on the changes:

* Do we need a new driving code?

* Another ridiculous idea, more money wasted. Looks more like ... Where's Wally? ... Pedestrian crossings are 'Black and White'. How confusing for tourists.

* I drove through Rotorua town centre for the first time in a few weeks today and these were really effective. I don't see the issue, if it gets you to stop for pedestrians and increases safety no problem.

* For years we have cobblestone crossings on Tutanekai St with no markings, yet people stop for pedestrians. Now we have white stripes with red paint on the ground and I suspect people will continue to stop for pedestrians and cyclists. Seeing as we all care and respect each other. Who knew a little bit of paint would cause such a huge reaction.