St Chad's is the latest local organisation to establish an endowment fund with the Geyser Community Foundation.

Ali Painter, chairwoman of St Chad's Trust, said St Chad's had a long history of working in the community to provide a unique and much needed service to people in Rotorua who had an intellectual disability.

"Working with the local community is key. St Chad's provides a fun, varied and accessible programme to a range of clients.

"The programme includes opportunities to develop new skills, find new interests and gain work experience.


"We focus on 'people first'. No matter how big or small, all decisions are made with one key question in mind: "Will this benefit our client, and create greater independence and participation for them in the community?

"Trustees established the endowment fund with Geyser because it is also a local organisation working in a very positive way for the long term future of the whole of the local community.

"Our fund is a special and powerful way in which individuals, families/whanau, and organisations can support St Chad's for the long term.

"All donations made to the fund, including bequests and endowments in people's wills, will be managed and invested by the Geyser Community Foundation on our behalf."

Income earned on the capital will be made available to St Chad's for charitable purposes every year once the fund reaches an optimum level.

Mrs Painter said the annual income would be used in a number of ways including for the benefit of clients to assist them to participate more fully in and become independent members of the local community.

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- Donations of any size can be made to the St Chad's Trust Rotorua Fund by credit card on Geyser's website or on St Chad's website

- People can also make donations in cash or by cheque for the fund at St Chad's, corner Fenton and Devon streets, Rotorua, or to the Geyser Community Foundation, (07) 349 7496 or email Official receipts can be issued.