Problems with Mamaku's water bore are continuing after the compound where the bore is kept was broken into last night and vandalised, causing more water woes in the area.

The vandals shut a valve which has been feeding water into the reservoir and vandalised a shed, meaning up to 40 per cent of the stored water was lost.

However, the parts necessary for repairing the main bore pump have arrived and it should be ready for installation by the end of today.

Water operations manager Eric Cawte said a rig for reinstalling the pump, pipe and cables down the bore are also planned to arrive in town today, and a team of staff and contractors are planning to start the work tomorrow.


It will take up to three days to install and will then be followed by the electrical connections, commissioning checks and disinfection.

"It will not be until at least early next week before the pump will be brought back into service," Mr Cawte said.

"The standby bore and pump has been coping well with the reduced demand, and the rain several days ago really reduced demand even further so we managed to fill the reservoir yesterday."

However, because somebody vandalised a shed and managed to shut a valve feeding water to the reservoir 40 per cent of the storage water was lost this morning, before flow was restored to the reservoir.

Mr Cawte said it was exactly the wrong time fore this to happen.

"Needless to say, very disappointing news for us this morning. We have arranged for several tanker loads of water today into the reservoir to restore some of the storage lost," said Mr Cawte.

The council are asking residents to keep conserving water and if anyone has any information about who might have vandalised the shed, please contact the police on (07) 3480099