The son of late Te Arawa leader Mauriora Kingi has been voted onto the Te Arawa Partnership Board, which will work alongside the Rotorua Lakes Council.

The results of the election were announced yesterday, revealing the 14 people who will make up the board.

There were 2839 votes lodged, representing just over 25 per cent of the eligible voters.

Te Mauri Kingi, Mauriora Kingi's son, will sit on the board representing rangatahi (youth). Mr Kingi received 1808 votes, the most across all board divisions.

Kingi Biddle.
Kingi Biddle.

He said he had not actively promoted himself and "at least two thirds of the votes would have been down to my old man".

"I think it's pretty important for youth to have a voice, so it feels good to be able to represent them. I just want to thank everyone for voting, not just those who voted for me."

Mr Kingi said he had no idea he had topped the polls when he heard the news.

"I didn't even know how many votes I had received, when I found out I had been voted in, I just took the news in my stride and starting thinking about what I wanted to achieve.

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"I'd like to think my father would be proud of me and I hope to do this position justice."

Highest polling Ngati Whakaue candidate Kingi Biddle said he was thrilled to receive so many votes. "The main thing is that I am in there."

Mr Biddle said he thought he received so many votes because he had been part of the journey from the beginning as a member of the Rotorua Lakes Council Te Arawa Standing Committee.

"I just wanted to be part of the board and now the board is a reality."

The partnership was voted through after a year in development, five days of hearings and more than 1800 submissions.

The board is made up of a cross-section of Te Arawa including koeke (elders), rangatahi, Ngati Whakaue, Te Arawa hapu and iwi, Maori land trusts, incorporations and pan entities.

Two members of the board will be given voting rights on the council's two key committees - the Strategy, Policy and Finance committee, and Operations and Monitoring. The council will be able to veto those appointments if it does not think they would be suitable.

Election results
Koeke (1 Seat)

1. Te Uru o Te Whetu (Fred) Whata (elected unopposed)

Te Arawa Iwi & Hapu (6 Seats)

1. Eraia Kiel - 1456

2. Gina Mohi - 1413

3. Aneta Morgan - 1395

4. Potaua Biasiny-Tule - 1328

5. Te Taru White - 1245

6. Ngaroma (Mala) Grant - 1189

Other candidates:

Raina Meha - 1188

Aroha Bray - 1163

Maramena Vercoe - 908

Michael Staite - 759

Harry H H Dixon - 582

Ngati Whakaue (2 Seats)

1. Kingi Biddle - 1589

2. Ana Morrison - 1250

Other candidates

Rangitiaria Biddle - 756

Rene (Buncie) Mitchell - 731

Selwyn Insley - 528

Land Trusts and Incorporations (2 Seats)

1. David (Rawiri) Waru - 1582

2. Geoffrey Rolleston - 1558

Other candidates

Bella Te Wairemana Tait - 1390

Pan Te Arawa Entities (1 Seat)

1. Eugene Berryman-Kamp - 953

Other candidates

Alan Hamiora Skipwith - 904

Kahuariki Hancock - 661

Rangatahi (2 Seats)

1. Te Mauri Tait Kingi - 1808

2. Ngahuia Hona-Paku - 1525

Other candidates

Dallas Hawe - 106