Whether the identity of a Rotorua businessman jailed for sexual offending is to remain secret is to be argued in the High Court at Hamilton on May 28.

The 60-year-old was jailed for 11 years on March 6 by Rotorua District Court Judge Phillip Cooper, who refused name suppression.

Through Queen's Counsel Paul Mabey, the man's wife argued against the suppression order being lifted but Judge Cooper refused and Mr Mabey has lodged an appeal in the High Court.

He argues that publication of the man's name could have a disastrous effect on the wife's business interests.


The man had pleaded guilty to historic sexual offending charges involving two victims, aged between 12 and 16. One has requested the court waive her automatic name suppression, the other has said she is willing for it to be made waived but at the time of sentencing had yet to file a similar request. For legal reasons their identities must remain secret.