The motorcycle community of Rotorua got together for the annual Sulphur City Motorcycle Club Charity Ride for a Rotorua family with a child with cancer.

Sulphur City Motorcycle Club president Paddy Pascoe said they had a good day, despite lots of other events in town.

"We made at least $2000 and filled several containers with groceries and race car toys and what not for the boy.

"I had 76 motorcycles registered, and then we had heaps of other people turn up in cars back at the club rooms.


"This weekend there was a lot of things on, so yeah this weekend was a very busy weekend for people, so we are appreciative that we got who we got."

Mr Pascoe said the club chose a different cause each year for their annual fund-raiser.

Someone put forward the Rotorua family, whose child is undergoing treatment for cancer.

"We had their name forwarded to us, we asked around the community to find out who is suffering. We had their name given to us and then we approached them."

Mr Pascoe said the Rotorua business community really got behind the fundraiser.

"We had about 35 businesses donate various things, and a local band donated their time.

"I want to say a big thank you to all businesses and participants that donated their time and goods and efforts towards this and fellow club members. It was just another successful one, and we are look forward to doing it again next year."