An air drop of vital supplies has been made to kayaker Scott Donaldson.

Mr Donaldson, who formerly lived in Rotorua, is attempting to cross the Tasman Sea by kayak for the second time.

This morning a helicopter dropped 54 litres of bottled water to Mr Donaldson who is currently about 250 nautical miles west of New Plymouth.

Rescue pilot John Funnell said six litres of water was lost due to breakages on landing.


"We also delivered a new rudder assembly which Scott will have to attach to the aft end of his kayak," he said.

Mr Funnell said Mr Donaldson now had enough food for four weeks and enough water for 10 days.

Mr Donaldson left Coffs Harbour in Australia on April 19, and is hoping to land in New Plymouth.

This is his second attempt to cross the Tasman, after his kayak filled with water two days into his his first attempt in May last year.

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