Ogo Zorb's Rotorua Locals Day was back on Saturday, with locals encouraged to head on down to the event with plenty of cans for the Rotorua Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

Every person who arrived with cans for donation received a free ride on one of Zorb's water rides.

Two cans let you go on the Straight Track ride, five cans got you a trip on the Sidewinder or Big Air Track ride, and 10 cans got you a go on the Mega Track.

Zorb Rotorua sales and marketing manager Anna Rodgers said the event was held to coincide with the company's birthday, which is on December 12.


By 3pm, the event had collected 2000 donations of canned food from about 250 people.

"We've exceeded what we had last year, by quite a lot actually ... we didn't have an exact number last year but we've definitely gone over 2000 and we've still got a whole bunch of people on site," Rodgers said.

She said they'd had "a really good response" from the Rotorua public for the event.

"The numbers are going up and up and up."

Rodgers said it was a really good family event.

"Heaps of families with kids, a few grandparents hanging out watching the rides as well.

"It's just a really good family vibe."

"It's like feeding a whole new group of people," she said.


"We always have a lot of fun."