Your column (Opinion, October 25) on the protection of journalists – Khashoggi affair – was laudable if it weren't turned into yet another Trump bashing exercise.

Really, (I'll call you "media"), I understand you believe what you write but your errors of omission constantly show your lack of perspective in favour of personal bias.

Journalists should never be physically attacked much less murdered for their views, but they need to be held to account.

Selective editing of facts does amount to "fake news", however much that distresses the writer.


Media was silent until now, about the 17 journalists killed, so far this year, in Mexico by cartels Trump is trying to bring to heel at the border.

Media decided when he announced he was running for president – "ridiculous". When he won, media announced the imminent collapse of the economy.

There are unlimited attack articles on a man they hate because of his centrist/populist views and blue-collar brashness.

This article is just another smear job in disguise.

Similar to the job the media does on democratic Israel.

We have a media who are anti-Trump who wonder why they are roundly not trusted any more.

Thankfully we can now appreciate the diversity of new media. (Abridged)

Murray Maunder


Roading frustrations

I agree with both Bill Campbell and Angela Dodd (Letters, October 24)) in their criticism regarding the downward slide of the CBD and allowing houses to become businesses.

We have the constant cry of not enough housing. Houses are to live in not to do business from.

Come out to Greerton for clogged up roads.

Mitchell St residents can barely get out of the street and are unable to pass an advancing vehicle in the narrowness left by parked cars on each side.

In Hayes Ave, one cannot see what is coming when driving out for cars so closely parked to the driveways.

Council cock-ups are endless, in my view, and would fill the whole newspaper if I attempted to record them.

Gwyneth Jones