Supermodel Miranda Kerr On Babies, Running A Multimillion-Dollar Business & How She Does It All

By Amanda Linnell
The Australian supermodel and businesswoman has an exciting new role with Michael Hill Jeweller.

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr talks to Amanda Linnell about the arrival of her fourth baby, her exciting new role with a New Zealand brand, and the life lessons that helped her get to where she is today.

Miranda Kerr is head over heels in love. Besotted, in fact. It’s six

Miranda is on the phone from her Los Angeles home where she lives with her husband, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, and her, now, four sons — the oldest of whom is 13. As she chats away, sharing the ups and downs of family life, she comes across like an old friend and not the usual celebrity interview where they keep tightly to the script.

Miranda shares that her parents have come to stay and are helping entertain the older boys, taking them on outings while she juggles life with the newest family member, how she’s set up a table in her bedroom so the children can come and eat with her if she’s stuck there breastfeeding, the nightly schedule to get the young ones to sleep (usually with a book and a song), making sure she and Evan have quality time together, and how with each child she’s learned the importance of routine.

“My grandma told me to do that from day one because babies thrive on routine. I remember when there wasn’t so much routine, when they were feeding on demand, sleeping in my bed — which I enjoyed. But now with the fourth, we’re breastfeeding every three hours and naps in between.”

Unlike most new mums, Miranda also includes in her routine the running of her multimillion-dollar business Kora Organics, the skincare range she launched in 2009. Before my call, she’d been in a team meeting discussing the launch of new products. “It’s like my other child,” she laughs. “My baby girl that requires a lot of attention and love as well.”

And there’s the reason Miranda is on the phone to me: To celebrate the news she has just become the first-ever international ambassador for Michael Hill Jeweller.

Miranda Kerr first shot for Michael Hill Jewellers roughly 20 years ago.
Miranda Kerr first shot for Michael Hill Jewellers roughly 20 years ago.

“Not many people will remember this, but I first shot for Michael Hill about 20 years ago, around 2003 or 2004, so they basically supported me when I was at the beginning of my career. So to be asked to be their ambassador now, it’s quite an honour. The brand has been around for such a long time. I remember going into Michael Hill stores when I was in high school in Brisbane with my friends and just admiring all the pieces. So it’s pretty amazing to now have it come full circle 20 years later.”

At the height of her modelling career, Miranda was ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the highest-paid models in the world. She walked regularly for Victoria’s Secret, fronted campaigns for the likes of Givenchy and Louis Vuitton, and shot with top photographers such as Mario Testino for magazines including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Speaking from Michael Hill’s head office in Brisbane, chief marketing officer Jo Feeney says Miranda was an obvious fit to be their ambassador. “She’s a very accomplished model, a mum, and a businesswoman who holds a lot of the same values as our brand,” says Feeney. “That is what is very interesting about Miranda.”

The 45-year-old company is undergoing a brand transformation, drawing on its Antipodean heritage while bringing to life a new vision for its three key markets, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. This includes the goal to become one of the world’s most sustainable jewellers.

A render of a Michael Hill store as the brand undergoes a transformation.
A render of a Michael Hill store as the brand undergoes a transformation.

Under her 18-month contract, Miranda will appear across Michael Hill’s three main markets, including the latest photo shoot and television campaign based on the company’s refreshed branding. This cleverly draws on its New Zealand heritage referencing the creativity of founders Michael and Christine Hill, incorporating green onyx which was inspired by the local landscape, and using a New Zealand font.

“The refresh for Michael Hills feels very timeless and elegant,” she explains. “There’s actually an incredible piece that I wore for the shoot, it’s hard to describe the intricacy of it but it could be from now, but then it could also be from the 40s. It’s almost like a diamond choker with multiple layers and different sizes. It would be something you’d wear to a red-carpet event. It’s pretty spectacular.”

In her personal jewellery collection, Miranda’s most treasured piece is her grandmother’s engagement ring. “I feel very lucky to have it. And ironically we have the same size fingers. It is a mix of gold and white gold bands with a diamond. She was very into mixing golds and thought it was good luck, and I do it a little bit myself.

“Being given jewellery, to me, is something very special. I remember the first piece of jewellery I received was a gold bangle from my mum. And my husband has bought me quite a few things over the years and I just love imagining him being in the store and finding a piece that he feels would fit really well with me. It makes it more special. Of course, it’s fine buying something for yourself, that can be empowering, but to me it feels more sentimental when it comes from someone I love.”

“It’s about making sure that I’m giving my best every day — and then enjoying it,” says Miranda Kerr.
“It’s about making sure that I’m giving my best every day — and then enjoying it,” says Miranda Kerr.

Despite being LA-based, Miranda’s connection to Australia remains strong.

“We actually have a farm in Australia which our boys love to visit. They have a blast and it’s just incredible to see them experience Australia in a way that I experienced it when I was growing up, because I also grew up on my grandparents’ farm, and now my parents are on this farm. My mum has a huge vegetable patch and the kids go into the vegetable patch, my mum and I pick vegetables and fruit and bring it in and wash it and make what is in season. That’s something I did as a kid. And it’s incredible to be able to experience that with my kids.”

Being 40 and living such a busy life, Miranda says, is all about prioritising her time.

“It’s about making sure that I’m giving my best every day — and then enjoying it. I feel like I’m a lot more relaxed than I’ve ever been. My approach to life has always been the same, to enjoy and appreciate the moments. I guess my time management is so much more effective and efficient now than it’s ever been, because I’ve had to learn to be more effective and efficient with my time.”

An insight into what drives Miranda and how she approaches life is when she shares the advice her parents gave her growing up.

“My dad always told me not to sweat the small stuff and my mum would always say ‘shine your light’, which was really nice. She also told me, if you’re going to do something, give it 100 per cent or don’t bother at all. Now, in everything I do whether it’s changing a diaper, creating a new product for my organic skincare line, doing profit and loss spreadsheets, or being in this Michael Hill photoshoot … I’m giving it my 100 per cent. I’m not going to half-heartedly do anything. Hopefully, I can instil this within my children as well, to just give it your all, like really give it your all.”

And on that determined note, our time is up. Pierre is ready for his next feed.

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