What NZ Fashion Brand Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

By Dan Ahwa
Collage / Julia Gessler

In a sartorial rut? Fashion director Dan Ahwa looks to the heavens and aligns the stars with local fashion brands for some inspiration.

As with most things woo-woo, horoscopes should be taken with a grain of salt.

I’ll confess, I too often succumb to a side-eye glance towards

We often need that same direction when we’re feeling somewhat non-plussed about what to wear, especially now when there’s a glut of ideas and people from all directions telling you what’s in and what’s out.

But at the end of the day — and what we believe to be true at Viva — is that true style comes from within, and that ultimately everyone really should just wear what makes them happy.

Among our daily fashion features and trend reports — guides to help filter what’s out there — we’re looking to the stars for another perspective, one that’s overarching in our ongoing pursuit to harness what true, personal style means to each of us as individuals.

In order to do this, I’ve taken the liberty of hiring a telescope to help, and discovered the Zodiac signs are aligned with certain New Zealand fashion brands. This is most useful when you need to refocus or reset your wardrobe conundrums or simply zero in on a vibe more aligned with your aura. Take note.


Stolen Girlfriends Club

Energetic and bold, it’s no coincidence that this star sign is represented by the ram; charging forward by taking risks, you’re the one who often takes a chance on a trend before everyone else. There’s a strength of spirit here, defined by tactile textures such as leather and denim. Your fearlessness in your choice of dress might extend to a hard-to-wear cut-out panel or a textural piece of lace that’s been reworked into a wardrobe piece that’s anything but delicate. There’s a toughness to your look that highlights an individuality others wish to harness. The local label is synonymous with a rebellious attitude but with plenty of heart, which personifies an Aries soul to a T. It is time to put the studs away though, so take a chance on something like a leather jacket embellished with nails instead. The first person to comment positively on your nail-studded leather will actually become the most important person in your life. Trust me, I’m psychic.

Lucky number: 12

Lucky colour: Tar

Famous Arian style inspiration: Lady Gaga

What to wear now: This Stolen Girlfriends Club ‘Moto Queen’ jacket is perfect for an Aries person, combining the star sign’s love of red hues and a classic leather jacket turned on its head with its faux-fur trim details.


Maggie Marilyn

Quality and not quantity is what marks a true Taurean’s style credentials. As an earth sign, looser, softer shapes work best but with a firm eye on luxurious fabrics that are kinder to the skin. Maggie Marilyn is a safe bet here, combining a distinctive femininity with her love of pastels — but never too saccharine. You prefer refinement and pieces that stand the test of time. You’re not driven by trends, which is what makes this sustainable fashion advocate a timeless choice. Limoncello is also a great colour for you if you just take a chance on it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much it works with everything else in your wardrobe. Just don’t wear it with red. Limoncello and red are not best friends and this combination will bring you bad luck.

Lucky number: 23

Lucky colour: Limoncello (duh)

Famous Taurean style inspiration: Adele

What to wear now: Something that serves as the perfect spring dress, like this Maggie Marilyn ‘Challenge Accepted’ dress, styled with a cropped jacket or cardigan for cool evenings.



For a one-way ticket out of squaresville, a Gemini will offer plenty of sartorial fun with their penchant for bright colour and playful prints. It’s a challenge to keep your attention span, and everyone else around you is going to have to keep up with your unapologetic lust for life. Ruled by restless Mercury, Gemini is an air sign so here’s a chance for you to play with floating fabrics, sequins and a beautiful print. Gemini’s love yellow, and will take a chance on abstract prints that are hard to wear. This season, avoid anything that’s animal print though, it does not bode well for you if you take this route, especially on December 5. Also, try not to look too much to TikTok for trend advice, it will only cause you pain.

Lucky number: 5

Lucky colour: Sky blue

Famous Gemini style inspiration: Naomi Campbell

What to wear now: An easy silhouette is essential here, but matched with a vibrant print that will support a Gemini’s love of beauty. The Gregory Gabriel dress has a wide elasticated waistband and a full skirt that’s perfect for the Gemini who likes to combine style with comfort.


Twenty-seven Names

Calling all fashion girlie Cancerian main characters — the season of sun is upon you and so it shall be done. A beautiful print dress in a floating fabric is your best friend. Don’t be afraid to admit that yes, you do love wearing florals for spring, so what? You’re an old soul, so stick to trippy, buzzy, 60s flower-power prints as opposed to quiet mico-florals (sorry, Liberty) as these will do nothing to help you in life. Embrace your affinity for all things connected to Mother Nature when it comes to deciding what to wear, whether it’s your love of natural fibres or a print with a mushroom or a flower. You’ll be much happier if you just stick to this very simple rule. Abstract, painterly prints inspired by nature really are an eternal print that’s perfect for a connected Gemini.

Lucky number: 89

Lucky colour: Orange peel

Famous Cancerian style inspiration: Solange Knowles

What to wear now: Stay groovy in this Twenty-seven Names ‘Razzle Dazzle’ dress. It’s perfect for outdoor events and also good with a pair of romping, stomping boots.


Paris Georgia

Warm, the life of the party, a natural-born leader, Leos harness the energy of the lion and the sun. You can sometimes be insufferable but people still are drawn to your magnetism on a good day. Something sensual will also make your head turn whether it’s a silk top or a silhouette that hugs the body. You’re not afraid of a loud colour or print but it can’t be quiet. It’s all or nothing with Leos, so go for something chic and powerful like a sexy dress or a beautifully tailored blazer. Wearing all-white sneakers is not a vibe for you, so consider something in a colour or even the myriad retro sneakers on offer right now. Anything that has too many zips is also destined to give you a bad day so stay away from fussy enclosures. A wrap dress or skirt is your wardrobe must-have.

Lucky number: 3

Lucky colour: Toast

Famous Leo style inspiration: Dua Lipa

What to wear now: A slinky shirt dress that spotlights the decolletage is a clear front runner for Leos. This buttery yellow Slinky shirt dress from Paris Georgia is a great choice for a subtly head-turning Leo.


Harris Tapper

There’s something minimalist yet functional about a Virgo — you like your clothes to support you around the clock. You’re a perfectionist at heart, to the point where it can be completely unbearable for everyone else around you. But that’s okay. If you weren’t so lovely then people might not be as forgiving. Clean lines but with surprising colours are great for a Virgo who has a keen eye for design and aesthetics. Sharpen up in something chic from Harris Tapper — there’s so much here for a Virgo to wear. Prints can be tricky for Virgos unless it’s something orderly like a pinstripe or a polka dot. Now’s the time to allow a little smidgen of chaos into your wardrobe because no one likes a dull Virgo. Stay away from wearing wedged platforms and any scrunchies on September 25.

Lucky number: 45

Lucky colour: Concrete slab

Famous Virgoan style inspiration: Beyoncé

What to wear now: This Andree dress in Herringbone from Harris Tapper is a 90s classic update — a strapless dress to be worn on its own or even layered over a white T-shirt.

Viva. Collage / Julia Gessler
Viva. Collage / Julia Gessler


Karen Walker

Librans are fashion nerds and put in the time and effort to look good. There’s a balance here which is what makes a high-low look on a Libran make sense, and they are the master of this. You’re charming and have great social skills, which is why it’s imperative your ensembles evoke this sense of being both chic and approachable. Denim is a great base for you, often worn with a sharply tailored blazer or a fun going-out top. Linen isn’t good for you so stay away from this texture if you are looking to get a promotion in the near future.

Lucky number: 12

Lucky colour: Cotton candy

Famous Libran style inspiration: Bella Hadid

What to wear now: Karen Walker’s maxi Orestes dress is an ideal choice here because, guess what! You can wear it with sandals or sneakers! So versatile.


Wynn Hamlyn

So deep are you in your feelings as a Scorpio that some might mistake your passion for a fire sign. You’re loyal and devoted to people, and it’s what makes you special. You have a love of dark, seductive tones and textures, so opt for something powerful from Wynn Hamlyn’s range of dresses or perhaps something tailored. Anything with a ruffle is not going to serve you well, so try and avoid wearing this for the rest of the year and see how this impacts your mood.

Lucky number: 66

Lucky colour: Pewter

Famous Scorpio style inspiration: Carine Roitfeld

What to wear now: Dark, seductive and highly emotional, this satin Nancy top from Wynn Hamlyn is perfect for a Scorpio.


Kate Sylvester

Sagittarians like to break fashion rules, so don’t be surprised by their choice of bold colour and even bolder prints. You’re not afraid of rhinestones, and embracing your whimsical sensibility, but always with a sense of purpose and intelligence, which is what makes your style unique and more importantly, fun. Clothes that wink at you without saying anything or have a dual meaning. Slogan T-shirts are a surprising friend to you, as are mules and silly jackets with bows on them. You’ll never be seen wearing a coat over your shoulders or anything corseted. But on December 18, wear something that makes you happiest, like pink or taffeta. It will be the best day of your life.

Lucky number: 18

Lucky colour: Satin pink

Famous Sagittarean style inspiration: Taylor Swift

What to wear now: You have a penchant for animals, specifically cats, so anything with an animal motif is ideal and will be great as a trans-seasonal piece you can wear all year round, like this Kate Sylvester Alley cat top.


Entire Studios

Ever the disciplinarian, Capricorn people tend to be a little more conservative with their style but people admire you for your rigorous attention to things that fit properly and also feel comfortable. You like quality, and a few key pieces you can interchange on a daily basis, which is why capsule wardrobes are the type of fashion tropes you like to stick to. You like to invest in good basics too. You prefer no-fuss clothes and even better when they do that thing that takes you from the office to a cocktail party with ease (another fashion trope, you love rules even though they’re kind of inane sometimes). Even though you love a crisp collared shirt, try not to button it all the way to the top. On January 1, you’ll have an entirely new perspective on what you want to wear and will splash out on a coat or sports-inspired jacket that will become a treasured family heirloom for generations to come. Spend wisely.

Lucky number: 83

Lucky colour: Olive

Famous Capricorn style inspiration: Sporty Spice

What to wear now: Sportswear but with a very sharp point of view, because again, you need something that is unfussy yet practical; stylish yet not too fashion forward. Try this new take on a puffer jacket from Entire Studios.



Experimentation is your best friend and, of course, aquatic shades of ultraviolet, marine blue, turquoise, silver and yellow are always going to serve you well. Kowtow does a great print, like this abstract design that looks like a painterly version of a pāua shell. There’s a fluidity in your choices that helps inspire progress in the way people think about dressing. People are drawn to your genuine nature and free spirit, and your clothing choices reflect this mood. You’re on a good path but make sure you avoid crochet as it can snag, and when things snag they really get you down for some reason.

Lucky number: 5

Lucky colour: Turquoise

Famous Aquarian style inspiration: Harry Styles

What to wear now: Stick to your knitting in a light and airy item with a light and airy inspired print, like the Kowtow ‘Iridescent’ dress, made from 100 per cent certified Fairtrade mid-weight organic cotton jersey.


Penny Sage

You’re dreamy and idealistic. It’s what draws people to you and your equally dreamy sense of style. Soft fabrics like silk and cashmere are a drawcard for a stylish Pisceian. A lover of bohemian silhouettes, what you do well is combining utilitarian textures with things like silk organza — that mix of textures takes someone with confidence and a specific eye. Well done. Avoid cummerbunds and statement belts — these are not going to be good for the soul and you will regret wearing either of them. Trust your instincts when it comes to your personal style. It wouldn’t hurt to wear navy on October 23. You’ll know why when the day comes, but remember, you heard it here first.

Lucky number: 21

Lucky colour: Emerald

Famous Pisceian style inspiration: Rihanna

What to wear now: A pretty mid-length dress with a lovely print. Try this Penny Sage ‘Isla’ dress made from 100 per cent cotton and with a joyous micro floral print.

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