9 Pairs Of Tights For Playful & Practical Seasonal Dressing

These cosy tights make cold-weather dressing fun. Photo / Mara Sommer

Invest in a pair of showstopping stockings and you’ll want to brave the cold.

Practical and sensible, tights have the power to be transformative (for even the simplest looks).

Yes, a bold choice in colour, pattern or texture can drastically alter the appearance of an ensemble, but the accessory can

This collection of tights, collated by Viva fashion assistant and stylist Annabel Dickson, finds fun in all sorts of textures and tones — think lace, polka dots and distinct brand motifs.

These lace tights lend themselves to a romantic style. If you’re seeking colour, try the burgundy and lilac hues.

These merino-blend tights are distinctly earthy (not to mention warm) and woven in a textural ‘new baroque’ pattern.

Generously speckled with polka dots (a classic look) these stockings are an excellent first step for those shy about big statements.

The luxury brand’s recognisable GG pattern has a charming touch of prep, especially when presented on these tulle tights.

Levante tights, $20, from Farmers

Matte tights, as opposed to shiny or sheer, create a lush, velvety finish. These ones are tinted with a ‘dark cherry’ colourway.

These delicate, blossoming tights could be delightfully contrasted with heavy layers (think leather and denim) or complemented with softer textures (think light cotton or cosy knits).

Burberry’s luxurious warmers boast a wool blend, for utilitarian winter wear, and a seasonally suitable tartan.

Timeless and slightly sensual, you’ll reach for these slick sheer stockings again and again.

Playful and perfectly plummy, these spotted tights will bring joy to dedicated dopamine dressers.

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