Demand outstripping supply

Further to the issue of landlords pushing up the cost of housing because their appetite to own investment properties: This creates a shortage for homeowners and results in demand outstripping supply and inflates the value of said properties.

Another part of the equation is this. You and I (the taxpayer) are helping to pay off some of these mortgages via the WINZ accommodation supplement.

The Landlords Association may indulge in public relations but no amount of justification can change the grubby truth.


Lesley Haddon

Recently I stopped three children aged about 10 energetically destroying a motel fence with a cricket bat and damaging a branch of a mature tree by pulling it down. Two questions: why aren't they at school and, more worryingly, what would drive children so young to such wanton vandalism? So sad.

William Wright

Customer service alive and well

On our recent trip to town I had to repair a watch and get a new battery installed. The first jeweller quoted $20 for a battery and $68 for repair.

The second jeweller said it was not worth repairing. While having lunch in the mall, I decided to take it to the repair shop there. Five minutes later, a new battery was installed and the watch repaired for $38. Meanwhile, my husband was trying to get a washer replacement for washing machine taps and was told it was not available by one plumbing dealer.

At HH Dimond, a young employee fitted the part we brought in and gave us washers for the other taps for the grand price of $7.

Customer service is alive and well in some shops in Rotorua.

Lyn Fleet