Rotorua vet Stacey Tremain is returning to our screens in a new TV show all about children and their bond with animals.

Fanimals launches today at 4pm on TV2.

The show features segments such as ''Endangered'' with the Department of Conservation and Richie McCaw, Celebrity Pet Dates, Animals with Jobs, SPCA Diaries and more.

Alongside show host Jess Quilter, Stacey Tremain will be the show's ''Ask Me Anything Vet''.


Tremain, a local vet at Vetora, said children would be able to call in with questions about anything they wanted to know.

He said he had always loved animals and children, and was looking forward to the opportunity to teach children things such as dog safety and how to look after their pets.

"It's just doing something you really enjoy, and let's call it a job. I couldn't think of anything better."

Tremain thinks the show is going to give children and people more confidence around animals.

"They're learning things about animals, giving them confidence in how to handle animals, how to feed them, we'll learn what makes animals happy and that's fantastic.

"The main thing I think the show will do is increase the relationship between kids and animals, so they get a better relationship with their pets."

He thinks the relationship between children and animals is something children remember later in life.

"I think if you can help in any way to expand that relationship, and if they can get more out of that relationship with their pets then that's got to be good."

Tremain said children who did not have a pet at home could still feel included with Fanimals.


The show focused on all sorts of animals, not just cats and dogs, including lizards, alpacas, rabbits and guinea pigs - "we've got everything".

He said show host Jess Quilter was the perfect host.

She was young and the children were just going to love her, he said.

"I do not think you could have anyone better. I love her energy and being around her, she gives me a 'gee up'.

"We've clicked really well. They've put so much effort into it and it's a positive environment.

He said he also loved Molson the set dog - a big, lovable, oafy golden retriever.