Tena koutou katoa Taupō. We are now in level 2 after navigating down from level 4 and it would appear things are starting to return to some type of normality. Now that we are in level 2, I have been wondering, what happened to all those toilet rolls people panic bought?

From the seven days beginning May 11 to May 18, the Taupō Police have responded to 28 family harm reports. Many of these are a result of alcohol consumption, and I take this opportunity to remind our whānau to take it easy when consuming alcohol and remember to be kind with one another.

Our volume crime still remains low with four burglaries and three stolen vehicles being reported in the past seven days. Our messages here are simple, make it secure so that other people can't steal it.

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Now that the roads are fully open we have unfortunately seen a rise in petrol thefts from Z Energy on the Napier Taupo Road and BP on Heuheu St. These thefts are stupid as both these premises have excellent CCTV which captures people stealing. There is no need to steal petrol and if people are struggling in this way, WINZ have means to assist, please utilise their services.

This weekend the pubs and clubs are allowed to open. This is good news for those business owners but as alcohol is a driver of crime, there is also the potential to make the Taupō Police busy. If you are going out and about then please do so with friends who will look after you. Please don't drink and drive but rather use Taupō Taxis or a sober driver; and finally don't be a dick, otherwise you may end up sobering up at our place.

If you or anyone you know has a problem with their drinking then you can contact the Alcohol Drug Helpline for free and confidential advice. Free call 0800 787 797 or free txt 861.

Stay safe Taupō, Phil.

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