A mother has shared a bizarre letter sent from a neighbour asking her child to stop "giggling" in the backyard, or she will call the police.

The letter shared on Twitter also suggested the child be allowed to only play outside for 15 minutes a day as their laughter when in their own yard was "disruptive" for their dogs and bird.

The US-based mother, uploaded the neighbour's apparent note in full, with the caption: "Yes this is real."

The full letter read: "Dear 'neighbour', You moved to the neighbourhood a year ago and I wanted to give you time to correct this problem on your own, but you are apparently too inconsiderate to do so.

The letter in full. Photo / Twitter
The letter in full. Photo / Twitter

"Every day this week, when the weather has been nice and windows are open, you proceed to let your small child run free in your backyard and laugh and giggle and carry on without end.

"This is very disruptive for my two dogs and my bird who sits next to the window and like to look into your yard.

"Perhaps you could ask him to tone it down a bit, or at least limit his outside time to 15-20 minutes a day so my dogs can be outside without seeing him running around."

While this request may seem outlandish, the most bizarre part was yet to come.

"If this kind of behaviour persists, I WILL CALL THE POLICE!" the letter concluded.

Many Twitter users shared their outrage and amusement by its the wild requests in the letter and more than 10,000 people retweeted the note.

One person joked: "I think you need to buy your child a horn," to which the mum replied: "I was thinking a drum set."

Another Twitter user added: "Let them call the police. The police could use a good laugh."


While another came to the same conclusion. "Let that person call the police. They are going to look insane. Give your child large, loud musical instruments or pots and pans to bang."

The mother is yet to share what route she took and if the police had been called.