I am writing to express my thoughts regarding Rotorua Trees Trust (now Centennial Park).

The development of this area was wonderful. The thought of having one's loved ones at peace in such a setting under beautiful trees with sheep roaming in the grass was consoling and comforting. The trust was an asset to the city of Rotorua. Visitors who came to the area were full of admiration for the area and its surroundings.

Five years ago, I purchased a tree at the trust and the ashes of both my husband and daughter were interred there. We planted bulbs around the tree which subsequently flowered and made the site even more beautiful.

I often visit the area and unfortunately I have witnessed a huge decline in the maintenance. The sheep appear to have gone and the grass is so, so long. The long grass makes access to the tree difficult. The lack of upkeep in the area is so sad particularly for those who purchased a tree and were happy to have their loved ones in such a beautiful setting.

I, like other people whom I know, are concerned about this matter and would be interested to hear what has caused this situation to arise and when it is going to be rectified.


Bernadine Jessep

Ski trips not an option for all

Bruce Buchanan's letter (Letters, January 14) suggesting that school holidays should be shortened over the summer is an idea that has, on several occasions, already been mooted. What made me laugh, was his idea that "families could enjoy winter holidays in New Zealand [ski fields would welcome this I am sure with special pass deals for Kiwis] or trips to Australia, the Pacific or further to enjoy some warmer times at off-peak overseas holiday times".

Sounds lovely, if you have plenty of money to enjoy this! Most NZ families these days can barely afford to live, let alone to take winter holidays overseas, or even to go skiing!

With the longer summer holidays, families can at least probably afford a tank of petrol to get to the beach or lakes with a few picnic items, without the added expense of flights, accommodation, entry fees, food and so on that would go with these lovely holidays getaways he suggests. It's a nice dream for many.

Enjoy what's on our doorstep. You don't need to worry about the weather being awful: You can stay home those days and choose the days you want to go and enjoy yourselves.

Enjoy our own beautiful country any season.

Viv Radley

Dump tokens an option

In regards to the dumping rubbish problem. Would it be an option that each home, or ratepayer, received a number of dump tokens per year gifted by the council?


Maybe four single trailer tokens per house per 12 months? What the individual did with the token would be up to them, use it, pass it to their renter, give it to a charity etc.

I understand there is a cost related to this concept but would it not be more cost effective and environmentally conscious than the cost of illegal dumping?

Amanda Armer