It is great to read that our new Lakefront development has now been started.

It is sad to read that what I see as a minority interest group, the Rotorua District Residents and Ratepayers, continues to downgrade the benefits that this development will bring to our city.

It is staggering to read that one of their concerns for Rotorua is the "number of projects on the table at once".

Pardon, is our city supposed to march forward one plod at a time?


And it would be great if the RDRR were more transparent in the way they push the costs of this project at us, the people whom they claim to represent, and who will ultimately pay the bill.

The RDRR, in my view, constantly frightens us with the figure of $20 million and ignores the fact that the dollars will be spread amongst many.

Why do they not explain just what this figure really means to us all?

To use myself as an example, as the occupier of a median-priced home I understand that the development will cost me around $10.50 each year for the next 10 years.

That's about three cups of coffee a year. That is a lot less scary than $20 million. And a much more honest appraisal of the true cost of the development to us all, in my view.

Good news too, that our council continues to operate with clear transparency and consultation, so much so that they will invite the children of Rotorua to help design the new playground. That is just great.

John Pakes

Dumping not just a Rotorua problem

Illegal dumping of rubbish isn't just confined to Rotorua, it happens everywhere.


I fully agree the local dump should be free for all to dump. The prices they charge are ridiculous and for some people paying is just not an option.

Some people need every penny that comes their way.

Lord knows, we pay enough rates to this council and it should be enough to fund the dump.

Al Franklyn
Lake Rerewhakaaitu

Thanks for amazing service

My husband and I were visiting family in Rotorua over Christmas with our new baby.

We were diagnosed with a tongue tie just before Christmas and contacted a lactation consultant through the Lakes District Health Board when we arrived in Rotorua to get some advice on what to do about our issue.

Sue Wells who saw us fitted us in on her last day of work and gave us the most amazing service. She contacted the surgeon who happened to be out Christmas shopping and he came in and snipped the tongue tie the same day.

We have had continued support from Sue since the minor operation.

If we had had this procedure performed in Wellington I don't think it would have been this easy.

We wanted to thank the Rotorua DHB for their amazing service.

Emily Mason

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