I would like to thank Pak'nSave for selling cherry tomatoes in cardboard boxes.

Not a plastic container in sight.

My hope is that the strawberry industry will care enough to come up with an alternative to their plastic pottles.

Here's hoping.

Lesley Haddon


No road markings

How long does it take to get our council to respond to urgent and dangerous missing road markings? (I have telephoned twice).

The Long Mile turnoff from Tarawera Rd has never had road markings since this section was resealed 18 months ago.

Rogue tourist coaches now make this turn every day cutting the corner and forcing Long Mile drivers to take evasive action.

This has become an urgent, dangerous situation.

The turn needs widening along with an overdue decent footpath.

Joe Jennings

McClay MIA

Since last year's election, when Todd McClay returned to representing Rotorua, in my view, he has been more silent than ever before.

At the last election, Todd proudly boasted about proposing a Special Housing Accord for Rotorua, however earlier this year when residents of Ngongotahā stood up to oppose the housing, Todd was MIA.

Also during the election, Todd said if re-elected, National would four-lane Te Ngae Rd. So National did not get re-elected, but this didn't stop Todd's National colleagues from Northland to Tauranga to Taupō to Wellington to Christchurch launching petitions calling on the Government to build the roads they also proposed. Todd again is silent.

Then came the rescue helicopter service changes. Todd was quick to make a Facebook post about it, but in Parliament, his other colleagues from Taupō, Coromandel and other areas stood up to question the Government on their helicopter service changes, but not Todd, Todd once again was silent when it counted.

Sure he is probably disappointed about losing his ministerial salary and other perks but it's time to get on with representing those who elected him to the job in the first place. The people of Rotorua will only accept inaction and silence for so long. (Abridged)

Jason Kirkland

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