It is pleasing to read that our Lakes Council has taken another step forward with the appointment of a "general manager Maori". Does this appointment signal a shift from an iwi-based perspective to an all-embracing direction that will eventually include our entire Maori population, not only Te Arawa?

Our council will be well aware that the direction given to them by central government via the Local Government Act 2006, the act that demands that council consults with Maori, never does identify Maori as iwi. It simply demands, quite correctly and in complete contrast to the Resource Management Act that does group Maori as iwi, that councils consult with Maori.

I supported the Te Arawa Partnership Proposal with written and oral submissions, but pointed out then that the approach of council was too narrow to fit the needs of the LGA 2006. I pointed out then, that Te Arawa were also aware that all Maori of Rotorua needed to be consulted, this being evident by their token comment of "possibly" allowing a non-Te Arawa person on to their board "sometime in the future".

Rotorua is doing well as it develops its bicultural capability, but Te Arawa are a minority among our Maori population. When will our council, and Te Arawa, include the rest?



Just a thought after a disappointment following great expectations.

Saturday was a sunny day. Let's visit Hamurana. But no! A booth was being built to take the money and the lovely walk was closed - a let-down. The Redwoods sufficed.


I have been studying the political setup in the country, and it leaves us with very few options.

Bill English is like a little boy who was given $10 and turned loose in the sweet shop! Jacinda, bless her, does not have the strength to last more than a season. Winston is trying - very trying, and that leaves only one contender, but he is a damn good man for the job.

I have watched Todd McClay carefully for the last few years, he is solid, reliable and straight, what you pay for is what you get with Todd, he will make a damn fine PM -but not under the present regime - he needs to break free from the confines of the current National Party. Personally, I believe he can and will do it. It will give Rotorua not just a damn good MP but a first-class PM! I have spoken to many people in the town who agree with me.

New Zealand is well past the day when it really needs the right person at the helm to get us out of the 'fix' we are in.


We spend a lot of money on all sorts of aesthetically weird artworks, unused cycle routes and so on.

Yet we are still scratching around trying to scrimp on the museum? Our New Zealand heritage, our best Rotorua icon and a potential to earn money from it. And it stands as good as abandoned.

Let's move it along fast for the good of the city, for the tourists who don't understand why it's inaccessible.

They think we are bonkers. Our heritage ... and we let it crumble!?