Not long now.

On Monday it will be just one month - four weeks - until we make history and launch your new-look daily newspaper.

A newspaper office is already a hive of activity on regular days - but as the team at The Daily Post gears up for one of the paper's most significant changes in its 128-year history, it's all hands to the pump.

We're excited and working hard to make sure that from March 11 your new Daily Post will be everything you want in a local newspaper.


Every week The Daily Post is read by up to 27,000 people - making our paper a very important part of our local community.

Newspapers in Rotorua have a long and proud history, starting with the The Hot Lakes Chronicle and the Wonderland Gazette in 1885. This paper's period of real development started in the 1930s with the name change to the Rotorua Morning Post. In 1947 we changed the morning paper to an afternoon daily, the Rotorua Post. The name was changed to The Daily Post in 1960.

Now, after 66 years as an afternoon broadsheet (the size of the pages) newspaper The Daily Post will be presented in compact form Monday to Friday, while remaining at broadsheet size for Saturday's big weekend edition.

The easy-to-read compact format is the same as that used by our sister papers The New Zealand Herald and the Rotorua Weekender.

From March 11 your local newspaper will be in your letterboxes and on newsstands first thing in the morning.

With the advent of breakfast TV and online news you shouldn't have to wait to get your news from us.

Morning delivery will allow us to bring you the latest local, national and international news, sport and opinions fresh at the start of your day. We'll continue to bring you breaking news on our website throughout the day.

The new design and morning delivery are in line with global and national media trends.

Reader and client reaction in centres where newspapers have made the change has been overwhelmingly positive and we sincerely hope you'll enjoy the change too.

Our team may be putting the final touches on our new-look Daily Post, but it's never too late to tell us what you would like from your local paper. What news would you like to see? What stories do you enjoy or not enjoy? Which columnists push your buttons - in a good or bad way?

Let me know at or write to Editor, The Daily Post, PO Box 1442, Rotorua.