A man who got a chair thrown over his head in a Rotorua bar brawl was knocked unconscious, started to convulse and suffered a brain bleed.

The man responsible, Piripi Wiremu Kingi, 34, has pleaded guilty to a charge of wounding with intent to injure.

A police summary of facts has been released to the Rotorua Daily Post that details what happened at Ponsonby Rd Lounge Bar in Rotorua about 1.40am on Saturday, August 17 last year.

It said Kingi and the victim were in the bar in separate groups and didn't know each other.


A disturbance broke out between the groups and they began throwing chairs and tables at each other.

The summary said the fight spilled out of the bar on to Eat Streat. The rival groups took chairs from the bar to use as improvised weapons.

The victim walked from the bar towards Kingi, who picked up a chair, raised it above his head and swung it on to the victim's head.

The man was immediately knocked to the ground unconscious and begun to convulse, the summary said.

Kingi continued to throw chairs towards the bar and the other group before two people with him eventually pulled him away.

The victim was taken to Rotorua Hospital where it was found he suffered a bleed on the brain, the summary said.

Kingi admitted to police things got "heated" and he didn't intend to hurt the victim.

Kingi has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced in the Rotorua District Court on Thursday next week.