The Rotorua Business Chamber is delighted to support NZME's GO LOCAL initiative.

This will be an important part of rebuilding our economy post Covid-19. We commend NZME for this initiative.

We can all do something about "Going Local", so let us all give it our best shot.


As we move from level 4 lockdown to level 3, a picture is starting to emerge of what our post Covid-19 economy might look like.

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Our primary sectors are performing better than most and will continue to be the major export earners for New Zealand. Under level 3, farming, forestry, horticulture and manufacturing will be rebuilding back into action.

This is good news for Rotorua.

However, we now need to find ways to help Rotorua's large number of businesses that are heavily reliant on tourism, both directly and indirectly. International tourism businesses will likely need to make the biggest adjustments, because airport border controls could be here for some time and cruise ships seem to be facing an unknown future.

NZME's GO LOCAL campaign can play a role.

The GO LOCAL initiative neatly complements Rotorua Chamber's Member 2 Member (M2M) booklet. M2M advertises special offers for members, encouraging our network to support each other to prosper.

This local support will be crucial for many businesses in the months ahead.

Because of the Covid-19 impact we are presently reviewing the chamber's Member 2 Member booklet. We recommend that local businesses use this free marketing opportunity so you can extend your services to our large audience of members and their employees.


All employees of chamber members receive an M2M card, enabling them each to access preferential discounts and added value from other chamber members. To view the current offers, go to: Member 2 Member Offers.

To find out more call Nikeey on 021 776 700 or email