Hand in your fire-arms - no questions asked - this weekend in Rotorua.

Police have urged all firearm holders in Rotorua to hand in their prohibited firearms and parts at collection events this weekend.

The events will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Rotorua International Stadium on Devon St from 9am to 1pm.

The collection events are a chance for anyone to hand in any firearm, no questions asked, under amnesty.


No personal details will be recorded of those who hand in any number of firearms under amnesty as it is entirely anonymous.

Those who wished to hand in firearms or parts for buyback would need to complete the online form on the police website before going to an event.

A listing of each firearm and each individual part would need to be brought along.

Police have asked for those who had more than 10 firearms and multiple parts and accessories to not attend a collection event.

Police would then be in contact about the collection of each person's firearms and parts from their homes.

More information on future collection events can be found on the police website or on 0800 311 311.

What to bring to a collection event:

• Your online notification reference number
• Your firearms licence (if applicable)
• Your bank account number
• Photo identification like a drivers licence or passport
• All your prohibited firearms and parts, cleared of any ammunition
• Any other firearm/s or parts you want to hand in.