With a background in the local education sector, council candidate Mercia-Dawn Yates is fighting for the disengaged children of Rotorua.

Yates says the current model of three-year pilots isn't working and better co-operation between council, agencies and iwi is vital to make a difference.

"I don't believe there can be sustainability when there are only three-year pilots that come in and go out."

On financial management, Yates points to her own ability to "run a lean budget" as a solo mother, but she takes a different view to some candidates on where council funds should be spent.


"I do believe we need to invest in areas that enable the arts and culture aspects of our city to flourish. We are a tourist town after all. We need to ensure that we have amenities that attract tourists here."

And she suggests working with iwi and business interests to make that happen.

"I do believe it's time for a shake-up. We do need more of a current voice being present to the matters at hand."

Yates also talks about rates, housing and the Lake Front spend in this Local Focus video interview.

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