A win for Māori is how many are viewing the 2019 Budget.

The Budget focuses on ways to give Māori and Pacific people scope to lift their own wellbeing.

Central to wellbeing is a sense of identity which is why $208 million will be invested to foster te reo Māori.

Te Tatau o Te Arawa chairman Te Taru White said he applauded anything which said wellbeing and therefore suggested intergenerational solutions.


"At the core of Māoridom is the language and the ability to continue to promote that [is good] because if you take your eye off the ball it can easily be extinct.

Focus Live: Our wrap of Budget 2019

"The health of the people is premised to your connectedness and ability to connect with each other.

"If you don't have that it is not a good start to life for you and unfortunately quite a lot of our people have been estranged from that."

A total of $80m over four years to expand the coverage and impact of Whānau Ora is considered the biggest win for Māori.

Michael Naera is pleased the budget acknowledges an area he has been advocating on for 10 years. Photo / File
Michael Naera is pleased the budget acknowledges an area he has been advocating on for 10 years. Photo / File

Manaaki Ora Trust chief executive Hingatu Thompson said he was pleased to see the additional funding for Whānau Ora, and wider funding to address child poverty.

"In terms of addressing any issues for children, that requires investment in whānau, not just the child."

Te Arawa Whānau Ora chief executive Mala Ngaroma Grant said it was important for Whānau Ora to be supported when evidence shows it a success.

"Yesterday's Budget announcement recognises Whānau Ora has had a positive impact since its inception.


"We await the details of the allocation as well as the mental health package to see what that will mean for Te Arawa Whānau Ora and most importantly whānau in need living in our rohe."

Michael Naera who has been an advocate for suicide prevention in Rotorua for more than 10 years said he was over the moon with the Budget.

"It is a win for Māori and for youth."

Highlights for Māori in Budget 2019:
• $80m boost for Whānau Ora
• More support for te reo Māori and Pacific languages
• Targeted funding for improved health, housing, education and skills
• Kaupapa Māori approach to tackling reoffending
• An additional 2200 young people supported through the Pacific Employment Support Service
• Investing $56m to unlock whenua Māori