Sustainability has been placed firmly at the heart of the New Zealand tourism industry's updated growth framework.

Tourism 2025 and Beyond refreshes and refocuses the industry's Growth Framework released in 2014 and was announced today at tourism's biggest event, Trenz, at the Energy Events Centre.

More than 1500 Trenz delegates have flooded into Rotorua for the annual event run by Tourism Industry Aotearoa.

Chief executive Chris Roberts said Tourism 2025 and Beyond addressed current issues but also looked past 2025 to focus on building an industry that would continue to make a positive contribution to Aotearoa and New Zealanders in the long term.


"This Sustainable Growth Framework keeps our focus as an industry firmly on growing our value to individuals, communities, the environment, the economy and our visitors," Roberts said.

"The key change is that sustainability is now at the centre of Tourism 2025, providing a clear pathway towards a sustainable tourism industry for New Zealand.

"We have added visitor, community and environmental goals and pushed our economic ambition out to $50 billion a year in annual tourism revenue by 2025."

The original Tourism 2025 goal was $41b in annual revenue by 2025. Progress towards the goal has exceeded all expectations, with tourism worth $39.1b last year.

Roberts said the industry was increasingly recognising and adopting the Māori values of kaitiakitanga (guardianship), manaakitanga (hospitality) and whanaungatanga (working together) which have also been incorporated into the new framework.

At the beginning of the month, Rotorua Canopy Tours, Kaitiaki Adventures, and Redwoods Treewalk were announced as three of seven winners at the new prestigious Qualmark 100% Pure New Zealand Experience award.

The awards recognised excellence in visitor experiences that embodied sustainable tourism practices and hosting, and a commitment to Tiaki - Care for New Zealand, a tourism industry initiative to encourage travellers to care for people, place and culture while in New Zealand.