Mayor Steve Chadwick and her main rival, Reynold Macpherson, are squaring up in a battle for the city's top job - the Rotorua mayoralty.

But they can't do it alone. They need people to help them plan, flesh out their strategy and carry out basic jobs such as handing out flyers.

In the second part of a series on the race for Rotorua's mayoralty, Zizi Sparks takes a look at the camps of the two contenders and discovers who's in their inner-circles, why they're backing their leader and how they're running their campaigns.

What she discovers are two very different approaches.

Leith Comer sits in an arm-chair in the corner of Steve Chadwick's lounge watching me closely.

I am interviewing the mayor about her campaign and who her close advisors are as part of a series examining the race for the mayoralty and the issues they are debating.

Comer is a long-time friend of Chadwick's, and plays perhaps the most pivotal role in her quest to be re-elected mayor. He is her right-hand man and campaign manager.

His role, along with others in the campaign team, is one of support.


It's putting up posters, designing and publishing pamphlets, choosing which photo