Selling two winning Lotto tickets in a month, a Ngongotahā shop reckons it's one of the luckiest shops around.

Ngongotahā Books, Lotto and PostShop sold a Second Divison winning ticket which pulled in $14,890 in Sunday's live draw.

It was one of 18 winning tickets sold around the country.

This was the shop's second win in a month after it sold one of six winning tickets worth $24,048 just over three weeks ago. The other was from Countdown Fairy Springs.


Shop co-owner and Lotto manager Usha Singh said she saw a lot of anxiety and hope when customers checked their tickets, and the luck of the store made it rewarding.

"It's exciting especially when it's a local and the money stays in the area."

Ngongotahā Books, Lotto and Postshop co-owner Usha Singh. Photo / Cira Olivier
Ngongotahā Books, Lotto and Postshop co-owner Usha Singh. Photo / Cira Olivier

Having owned the store since moving to Rotorua 20 years ago, Singh said she knew they would be lucky after selling a First Division ticket within their first three months.

Since then, the store has won Retailer of the Year in 2015 and had seven trophies for a strike and First Division wins.

Singh said she watched as the March 21 winner of $24,000 - a frequent customer - scanned their ticket.

She said she seemed like she knew but her reaction seemed as though she really needed it, "like it came at a good time".

"It's good when someone who needs the money wins," she said.

But no one has yet come to claim Sunday's win and Singh is keeping a close eye on people checking their ticket.

Monday, usually the quietest day for punters, was busier than usual as people came to see if they were the winner and bought another ticket.

Singh's husband Shalendra said Lotto sales increased around 20 per cent after a big win.

What was the secret? They did not know.

"When we first came to the shop I was trying to learn Keno so I just played it and I won $50 with that one and I though 'this is a lucky shop for me'," she laughed.

This is the fourth big win in Rotorua in a month with a First Divison ticket worth $500,000 sold online two weeks ago.