Members of Parliament will enjoy a fun day out on Rotorua lakes and compete for a trout fishing trophy this weekend.

Rotorua National Party MP Todd McClay has organised about 10 MPs to visit Rotorua and get out fishing on the lakes tomorrow.

The MPs will compete for the Parliamentary Cup and the event is being hosted by the Rotorua Anglers Club.

McClay said he first held an MPs fishing competition in Rotorua lakes some years ago, and after a talk with the Rotorua Anglers Club decided to bring it back and invited all MPs.


"They were invited to come to enjoy the beautiful Rotorua lakes, for some to catch their first fish, and to talk to members about their enjoyment of recreational fishing and its importance to the local economy."

They will be starting in the early morning and heading back for weigh-in in the early afternoon.

Rotorua Anglers Club president Gavin Corbett said about six boats would be taking the MPs around the lakes.

He said, at the weigh-in, the club would also put on a light lunch.

Corbett said it was an opportunity for the MPs to have a relaxing day fishing.

He said it was also a great opportunity for the members of the Rotorua Anglers Club to talk one-on-one about the joys of fishing.