I had cause to phone our public library over the holiday period.

On this particular day the website said the library was open, however it was not, and my phone call was greeted with a lengthy message not in my language, English.

This is not acceptable. If there are those who wish to foist te reo upon us, so be it, but that message should be secondary.

I take strong exception to having to wait through an unintelligible diatribe until I receive the information I require in my own language.


A N Christie


You would have to be living under a rock not to know the world is awash with unwanted plastic.

China is no longer taking ours, the Malaysian government has woken up to the fact that the rest of the world's plastic waste is ruining their environment. So we are stockpiling here in NZ.

Wake up everyone. This is a crisis. As individuals we have to be proactive. I don't buy strawberries or blueberries in their plastic punnets.

Supermarkets will keep selling them this way as long as you keep buying.

No more pump soap. Old fashioned Sunlight laundry soap for me in its humble cardboard box.

I have always used it in the shower anyway. Remember the metal cage holding a bar of Sunlight when washing dishes?

Think outside the square and do your bit, please.


Lesley Haddon

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