Backpackers and travellers in Rotorua are unfazed by the killing of British backpacker Grace Millane.

In fact many travellers approached by the were not even aware of the alleged murder due to lack of internet access.

Travelling from Latvia, Krisjanis Gulbis and his partner were not concerned by the killing and did not think it reflected poorly on New Zealand.

"I don't correspond it to the country in general, I think it is a big city thing."


He said he would not consider having to be more vigilant but thought that was because he was travelling together with his partner.

"People should travel together. All the time you feel safer, in any country.

"If you are alone find someone to travel with."

Anne-Marie Bouwens from the Netherlands came to New Zealand three weeks ago to extend her visa and was returning to Australia yesterday.

She had been travelling by herself in the South Island and said she had fallen in love with the country.

She said the death of Millane was terrifying news but she did not feel unsafe.

"I think it can happen and Kiwi people are really friendly so I haven't felt unsafe for a moment."

She did not feel like she needed to travel with someone after hearing the news but said she tried to be careful all the time.

Sisters Thea and Karla Zefmann from Berlin, Germany said they thought people were really shocked the alleged murder happened in New Zealand but they were used to feeling scared in their home country.

Karla said what had supposedly happened to Grace showed it could happen anywhere.

"It shocked me because I had always had this picture that New Zealand was safe and easy to travel around.

"But because I am from Berlin, we are kind of used to stories like that."

Thea said the sisters were more cautious after they heard about Millane's death.

"I think I wouldn't feel that safe if I was alone and I think I would think about it more if i was alone. When you're together it's fine."

Destination Rotorua chief executive Michelle Templer said the safety of the country's visitors was an important part of New Zealand's reputation as the country is known for its hospitality.

"While the international coverage of Grace Millane's tragic death may encourage people to be more cautious about travelling alone in New Zealand, the emotional response from New Zealanders and the swift action taken by police all support visitors' perception that events like this are rare."

Templer said the i-Site team had not noted any visitors talking or asking about the case and there was no indication people were changing their plans to travel to Rotorua as a result.