Musicians, a poet, a jeweller and a sculptor are among the seven speakers due to present at the last ArtsMAD session of the year.

ArtsMAD is a visual presentation evening that takes place four times a year, where people from the wider arts community talk about what they do alongside a rolling show reel of interesting images.

The last ArtsMAD session for 2018 is being held on Tuesday, 5.30pm to 7.30pm, at the Monarch Room in Prince's Gate Hotel.

The range of topics and backgrounds which will be covered with the guest speakers will not disappoint. The seven speakers presenting will share their stories and the inspiration behind their art.


Terry Locke has taught Literature in English at the University of Auckland, English and Drama in a number of secondary schools, and Arts and Language Education at the University of Waikato.

Terry Locke. Photo / Supplied
Terry Locke. Photo / Supplied

He has published four books of poetry and edited three poetry anthologies. He has also published a range of academic texts and articles.

Hubert Verhagen was born into a musical family in the Netherlands.

At the age of 7 his father strapped a piano accordion onto his shoulders, which was almost bigger than he was, and he has been playing the accordion ever since.

When he immigrated to New Zealand he joined the MOTAT Barbershop Choir in Auckland, where he found his passion for close harmony singing, which to him is a sound from heaven, as is a well-tuned piano.

This is the reason he is now a piano tuner.

Hubert says in his presentation he will talk about piano tuning, harmonising, musicality and restoring the pianola.

He says he is excited to share with the public what he does and likes people having the chance to play and learn more about the pianola.


"For me, it feels like a sound out of heaven."

Fiona Frew. Photo / Supplied
Fiona Frew. Photo / Supplied

Fiona Frew is a local artist and designer.

All of her work contains elements of found objects that are re-designed and re-purposed into beautiful and functional items.

Her studio-based practice endeavours to create as little waste as possible, and follow environmentally and ethically based approaches to the production of handmade jewellery and art.

Glenys Courtney-Strachan (left) and Maria Marshall. Photo / Supplied
Glenys Courtney-Strachan (left) and Maria Marshall. Photo / Supplied

Design Tank 2018 Ltd was created by Glenys Courtney-Strachan and Maria Marshall to support their vision to paint Rotorua.

They are a small company which designs custom-made artworks and hand paint them for the community.

They are interested in local mythology that resonates with the Rotorua locals and are thrilled to talk to others about their work.

"It is all about community work, working with tamariki, whānau and adults to create art works that reflect their ideas and values.

"Creative spaces are key to providing avenues for people to connect, to reconnect and revisit their creativeness."

Eugene Kara. Photo / Supplied
Eugene Kara. Photo / Supplied

Eugene Kara is an artist, sculptor and Head Caster of Te Ahi Komau Foundry based at The New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute, Te Puia.

His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally. There are numerous works in private collections within institutions and art collectors.

As an artist he tries to convey to the viewer a sense of play and fun. He enjoys the challenge of creating works that represent the rich and diverse cultures within our society.

He explores these ideas through a sculptural process.

As an art educator, he encourages students to explore concepts and ideas through a range of materials and processes.

Moana Bell. Photo / Supplied
Moana Bell. Photo / Supplied

Moana Bell is a song-writer, singer and creative entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia.

She divides her time between family, music, outreach and creative pursuits.