Little ole Rotorua is to be graced with a royal visit next month.

And not just any royal visit - a visit from two young royals who have, in my opinion, been largely responsible for reviving the popularity and relevance of the monarchy in recent years.

There was much excitement in the Rotorua Daily Post newsroom when the New Zealand itinerary for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, was announced, revealing Ohinemutu as one of the couple's stops.

Personally, my excitement was largely tied up with who was visiting. Had it been Prince Charles and Camilla, I admit I would probably have been less eager.


Sure, Prince Charles is arguably more important, being the next in line for the throne, but it's the charisma and relatable nature of the young royals like Harry and Meghan and William and Catherine, that draws me, and I'm sure many other millennials, in.

On top of this, it seems to be relatively rare that Rotorua is included in royal tours, making the announcement all the more thrilling.

Queen Elizabeth II has visited Rotorua at least twice but spent the most time here during her and Prince Philip's 1953/4 summer tour.

The most recent royal visit to the city was in 2007 when Prince Andrew was involved in the ceremony which saw World War II Māori Battalion fighter Lance Sergeant Haane Manahi formally recognised for his bravery at Takrouna Ridge in North Africa.

Sadly for local royalists though, Rotorua seems to have missed out on visits during the tours of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in the 80s, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2014.

Perhaps those snubs, though likely unintentional, have also helped to elevate the overall excitement for Harry and Meghan's visit.

Regardless of the reasons, it's undeniable the city has been buzzing since the news broke and the visit will no doubt leave a fond impression on locals for years to come.

Let's hope the Duke and Duchess leave with the same fond impression of little ole Rotorua.