I agree with Merepeka Raukawa-Tait's article in the Rotorua Daily Post (Opinion, August 30) and her thoughts of the loneliness of the elderly.

Last week there was a meeting in Rotorua which was advertised and invitations were sent out to the council, the health board and other pertinent groups that have input in aged care.

It was initiated by Carole Gordon, a social gerintologist, who spoke on the impact of ageing communities in the Western Bay of Plenty.

This is part of the global ageing agenda to prepare for the impact of population ageing between 2001 and 2050. It is predicted to have a huge impact in our societies.


Two people from Rotorua attended and two from Kawerau.


Anyone interested in hearing about what they missed, can share in the report of the very robust discussion, from a very small but concerned group.

As I have the minutes, contact Katie on 07 346 3148

Katie Williams

Poetry day success

Congratulations on the successful events celebrating National Poetry Day, organised by Jill Walker and Angela Frank, for the Rotorua Poetry Bomb, 2018. Fantastic.

Jean and Ian Rockel

Disappointing reaction

So deputy mayor Dave Donaldson, (Letters, August 30), is "distressed" about the lack of enthusiasm by ratepayers not supporting the council spending millions of dollars on the Lakefront.


Does he ever consider the distress of ratepayers seeing our $200 million-odd overdraft increase again by splashing millions on something which is really non essential?

We simply cannot afford this so we simply cannot have this.

He also talks about "significant private investment and economic development".

This really worries me. In my view, it means that at least a part of the Lakefront will no longer be freely accessible to everybody unless we show our purse. Now, that is distressing.

The other thing that happened in the process was that the poor Sea Scouts were pushed out of their clubhouse. Shame.

One would think that any council would support all activities beneficial to our younger generation.

To use Donaldson's words: Disappointing!

Harry Brasser