Senior science students at Tarawera High School visited the Asaleo Care NZ Ltd Mill in Kawerau recently.

It was the first school trip to the mill in more than three years and the students went as part of their studies on the chemical processes involved in making pulp and paper.

Mill manager Peter Hockley spoke to the students before the process engineers and two recent graduates took the tour.

Year 13 student Tangaroa Tai Rakena said it was motivating.


"I hate English but love maths, physics and chemistry - just like one of the graduates. It showed me that there is a path for me."

The tour included information about the mill's history and how it operates as well as an overview of the manufacturing process.

The students also learned about the environmental impact of the company, student Brayden Tunui said.

"I thought it was impressive how they use water from the Tarawera River - the river we swim in - and how they clean it and put it back."

Science teacher Jalaja Balakrishnan said the experience benefited students because it was engaging, local, authentic learning.

"They are learning about all the chemical processes that are involved not only in paper but in tissue - and doing so right in their own backyard."

The Asaleo Care NZ Ltd Mill is a local mill that produces products such as Purex and Sorbent toilet paper, Tork hand towels and Handee kitchen towels.

- Supplied by Tarawera High School