Te Uru Rākau will partner with Mānuka Farming New Zealand to plant 1.8 million Mānuka trees across New Zealand this year.

Forestry Minister Shane Jones announced the partnership today.

"This Government has a target to get one billion trees in the ground over the next ten years and doing that will require innovation and genuine partnerships with the private sector, local councils, iwi and NGOs," he said.

"Te Uru Rākau will provide up to $1.8 million to Mānuka Farming New Zealand to source seedlings, work with landowners to undertake site assessments to assess land suitability, and provide an overall planting plan."


Seedlings will then be provided free of charge to landowners who proceed with planting.

Individual assessments to assess land suitability for establishing mānuka plantations will take place this month and next and planting will occur from July to September.

Jones said mānuka was a valued native forest species and plantations could help prevent erosion as well as provide diversified income streams and environmentally sustainable land-use options for landowner.

"Products from mānuka, such as honey and oil, are in high and increasing demand both domestically and globally. The planting plan will take into account the suitability of available land for production of mānuka honey, readiness for planting this winter, and availability of suitable mānuka cultivators.

"Mānuka Farming New Zealand will purchase most of the seedlings from Kauri Park Nurseries and already has 100,000 seedlings available."

Landowners will need to cover the costs of dispatching the seedlings from the nursery, pest and weed control, fencing if required, planting costs and post-plant monitoring.

Jones said in order to ensure the best possible delivery of outcomes, the approach also included the funding of initial consultancy services to landowners via Mānuka Farming New Zealand.

"This will include confirmation of sites suitable for manuka, ensuring effective pest control is in place, land preparation can be completed in time for planting, seedlings are matched to the available site and confirmation that labour for planting is available."


Landowners who are interested in this initiative should contact Mānuka Farming New Zealand directly.