This week's School of the Week is the Rotorua Seventh-Day Adventist School.

With just two teachers and a teaching principal, Rotorua Seventh-Day Adventist School calls itself the city's best kept secret.

Principal Lanea Strickland said the school was hidden away but wanted everyone to know it was there.

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"We want everyone to know we're here and we have lots to offer," Strickland said.

"I'd encourage people to come in and have a look. Once they get into the school they can see it's a beautiful school."

Strickland said, with a maximum of 45 students, the school promoted a whanau environment.

"No child gets left behind. Relationships are important and the learning opportunities. We give as many things a go as possible."

Wendy Hulse-Schwartfeger teaches from new entrants to Year 4 pupils and said the school was a "wonderful workplace".

Hulse-Schwartfeger regularly brings her dogs Max and Charlie to the school for the pupils to read to.

"There is some research that suggests that children reading to dogs provides a safe and non-judgmental audience. My golden retriever is particularly calm and gentle and is a captive audience to my 5-year-olds who are very shy when talking out loud to a group," she said.

Hulse-Schwartfeger said she had seen a once shy boy read to her dog animatedly. The animal also teaches empathy and how to be around animals.


Billie-Lee Browne is the school's senior teacher and said there was a big difference between Rotorua Seventh-Day Adventist and other schools and it was family-oriented.

She said the children were nurturing and kind to one another.

About the school
Principal: Lanea Strickland
Location: 3 Tilsley St, Glenholme.
Type: State-Integrated, Years 1 to 8, co-educational
Roll: 41 (in July 2017)
Gender composition: Female - 43 per cent, Male - 57 per cent (In December 2015)
Ethnic composition: Maori - 62 per cent, Pakeha - 1 per cent, Other - 37 per cent (In December 2015)
Motto: Building for eternity