You did it again Rotorua, you filled the bus!

It was a brilliant (and hot!) day yesterday for a couple of our staff who got to ride along with the fabulous team from The Hits 97.5 and an assortment of celebs - from Silver Ferns Sam Sinclair and Katrina Grant to My Kitchen Rules favourites Tash and Hera.

Fill the Bus has become one of the highlights on our calendar and a crucial part of the Rotorua Daily Post Christmas Appeal for the Salvation Army foodbank.

One of the neat things about the day - apart from the obvious fact we collected tonnes of food for those in need - was seeing so many children getting involved.


The bus stopped off at several schools around the city and at each it was met with excited kids eager to make their contribution.

It's a great way for kids to learn about helping others and to learn that a simple act of kindness and generosity can make a different to the lives of others.

For many children, the idea of not having enough to eat or waking up on Christmas morning to no presents would be a foreign concept. Learning there are others out there not as fortunate as they are is a valuable life lesson. And from the enthusiasm and spirit we saw yesterday, there was no doubt they had learned the joy of giving.

So a massive thank you to all the businesses, organisations, schools and individuals that helped fill the bus yesterday. You did yourselves and your community proud.

And remember, there is still plenty of time to donate - the Christmas Appeal runs until December 22. C'mon Rotorua, let's give it one final push. Check out page 2 for how you can donate.

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6 Dec, 2017 11:13pm
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