Local teen Angus Bruns has joined Briscoes and Rebel Sport staff in their Superhero Day quest to raise money for Cure Kids.

A Cure Kids ambassador and Rotorua Lakes High School student, 13-year-old Angus was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1, autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at age 4.

Angus spent time yesterday going between Briscoes and Rebel Sport, where staff were dressed up as superheroes for the weekend, helping to encourage people to donate and buy Cure Kids products for the Red Nose Day appeal.

Red Nose Day is on September 29, and businesses and schools are encouraged to sign up and fundraise.


Neurofibromatosis type 1 causes benign tumours to grow on nerves.

Angus' mother Ali Bruns said he had two large tumours, one under his ear and one in his throat.

She said the tumours affected his hearing and speech, and he had to be careful of choking.

The condition could become "quite serious" if the tumours continued to grow, but Angus was doing okay at the moment, she said.

Ms Bruns put out a challenge to local schools to sign up and raise money for Cure Kids.

"It's an opportunity to donate and ensure ongoing child illness research is not only funded but continued."

She said Cure Kids was saving lives with its research.

"Cure Kids covers a multitude of diseases and conditions. The research they are doing is life-changing and it's changing outcomes for children, so it's an amazing organisation doing fabulous work."

The Red Nose Day appeal challenges Kiwis to take on a variety of activities during September to raise funds and awareness for child health research.

The appeal will see more than 800 schools, 400 businesses and 500 volunteers from around the country take part.

Cure Kids chief executive Frances Benge said this year there were many ways Kiwis could get involved in Red Nose Day - from making a donation online, to picking up a novelty red nose from one of the supporting retailers, to running a fundraising event.

"We'd also love people to have a bit of fun and participate in a Red Nose Day Dare and Share challenge - from wearing a red afro and pantyhose, to red toes and speedos.

"For those a little less adventurous, we're asking Kiwis to simply strike a pose for a red nose," said Ms Benge.

For more information visit curekids.org.nz.