It's been a busy year for local rap group New Error, who released their first album and have been working on their second.

New Error are Liam Ballinger and Blake Robinson, who are both from Rotorua, though Blake currently lives in Papamoa.

Their first album, Separation, was released in about March and they have made four or five singles since then, working on their second album Initial Initiation.

They say it felt great to have their first album released and to get it out there.


New Error is hoping to have their second album done by end of this year or start of next year, and they have some covers of recent songs coming out soon.

Liam Ballinger says there are different little messages in each song, from race and racism to government and politics, to world starvation.

"I guess in a way everyone knows how crazy the world is getting and we portray that in our songs, as a solution to the world problems."

Their goals are to work with other artists around New Zealand, and they aim to go further, he says.

"We definitely want to widen our range past New Zealand."

New Error also plan to get a house so they can put together their own little studio.

Both Liam and Blake say they enjoy the creativity of rap music, and not just of the raps themselves but producing the music too.

"Everything that goes into it is artistic and creative."

Liam and Blake met about 10 years ago through a friend and bonded over their love of music.

Blake says they were both into heavy metal music then. Liam moved away to Australia, but when he came back they were both into rap music and they have stuck at it since then.

New Error is on the platforms YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook and Instagram to promote their music, and is working to soon be available on Spotify.