Hundreds of yummy and creatively designed cupcakes were sold early this week to help look after the city's furry friends.

The annual SPCA Cupcake Day was held on Monday and is a tasty way for New Zealanders to "bake" a difference in the fight against animal cruelty.

Now in its ninth year, Cupcake Day is the SPCA's community-driven fundraiser with all proceeds going towards protecting abused, neglected, injured and abandoned animals.

All the funds raised go directly towards helping animals in bakers' local areas and the SPCA aimed to raise $400,000 through Cupcake Day sales this year.


Rotorua SPCA general manager Sue Kinsella says they seemed to be on par with last year.

They had 300 cupcakes donated by both Rydges Hotel and Jet Park Hotel, plus 400 the SPCA baked themselves, along with the dozens made for them by their volunteers and supporters, she says.

She says BNZ staff made their own and sold them at the bank branch, with Scion and VETPlus doing the same.

"Apart from the hailstorm at lunchtime, all went really well!

"We did pre-order deliveries to offices and businesses around town, and had stalls at most of the supermarkets."

She says they will not know how much was raised for another couple of weeks, as several supporters did their own private cupcake stalls, so it will take some time for all the proceeds to come back in to them.

"Coffee Club was a national sponsor this year and held Cupcake Day for a whole week, so we are really grateful for their support.

"It is fantastic to see our community come out and support our event, and we would like to thank everyone who helped out, by baking, decorating and/or selling cupcakes for us.

"Without the help of our volunteers we would not be able to hold such a fun and successful fundraiser."

Western Heights High School food technology teacher Emma Cooper says there were about 500 cupcakes made altogether.

She says it is project-based learning and they try to involve the students in community-based projects.

"It's about giving back to the community and seeing how food can actually help people."

Last month they raised $1000 through a Pink Ribbon Breakfast fundraiser and senior students will also be doing a project for Blue September, she says.

Food technology student Chantelle Drower, 14, says making the cupcakes took a couple of days and their teachers spent a Saturday making and icing cupcakes too.

She says they came up with their own ideas of how to decorate them and selling them had been the best part, knowing that the money is going to a great cause.

Food technology student Samantha Higson, 15, says the Rotorua SPCA is a great cause to raise money for because it saves animals that need help.

"Who wouldn't want to help something like that?"

SPCA Rotorua education manager Geoff Rudsdale attended the Western Heights High School cupcake fundraiser, accompanied by animal advocate Max.

He says they are absolutely delighted Western Heights High School took part, as it gets students involved in the concept of animal welfare and doing something for a local charity.

Geoff says one of his aims is to connect with students a lot more, particularly secondary students because they have energy and passion, and like being around animals.

He says they have an extensive education programme which runs from early education to tertiary.

"To see these kids participating today is incredible and what a great effort. The quality of all these cupcakes is amazing. We are very grateful."