Locals out and about will have four new sculptures to enjoy, with the pieces being added to the city's permanent public art collection.

Rotorua Lakes Council community arts adviser Marc Spijkerbosch said Rotorua was fortunate to have these "magnificent" pieces that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

"Art is extremely important to cities and people are realising more and more that art tells our stories. It's about our heritage, the things we celebrate and aspire to."

All the pieces were created at the Rotorua Sculpture Symposium late last year by New Zealand's leading artists. Over nine days they formed the sculptures in public from huge blocks of Taranaki andesite, Oamaru limestone and macrocarpa logs.

"The theme from the symposium was The Energy Within, which referred to both the geothermal physical environment and our unique cultural environment. We left it up to the artists to respond to that. These pieces have a universal appeal and are quite specific to the magic that is Rotorua."

Judges named local artist Trevor Nathan's piece the winner.

"The judges had a difficult decision to pick the acquisitive award. All the artists work hard, crazy hours to get their artwork finished in the nine-day event.

"The winning piece Synergy reflects the interaction between the rural and urban environment and how we come together as a city to create the energy within our town. It is now a permanent part of the council's public art collection."

Fourteen pieces from the symposium have refreshed the Sulphur Lake Sculpture Trail in the Government Gardens and form The Energy Within outdoor exhibit.

The pieces will remain on public display along the trail until the next sculpture symposium in late 2018.

A further three pieces were installed this week as a permanent feature of Kuirau Park, part of a major upgrade of the park.

The remaining 13 pieces are available for sale at prices set by the artists, and any sold from the sculpture trail will be replaced with alternative pieces.

"We encourage locals and tourists alike to come and wander along the trail. It is a wonderful asset to our city showcasing the artistic talent of New Zealand," Mr Spijkerbosch said.

About the Symposium
• Rotorua Sculpture Symposium was held in November at the Rotorua Arts Village green in the Government Gardens.
• One piece Synergy by Trevor Nathan was awarded the Judges' Award and is now part of the Rotorua public art collection.
• A further three pieces were bought to enhance the new boulevard in Rotorua's Kuirau Park.
• All other pieces form The Energy Within exhibition on the Sulphur Lake Sculpture Trail in Government Gardens for the next two years and are for sale at prices set by the artist.
• The next Rotorua Sculpture Symposium will be held in late 2018.

Sulphur Lake Sculpture Trail
Natanahira Te Pona - Te Pupu and Te Haeata
Rory Mc Dougall - Ghost Soldier (from 2014 Symposium)
Claire Sadler - Interconnection
Jamie Pickernell - Earthquake
Phil Bonham - Tihei Mauriora
Trevor Nathan - Synergy
Shannon Wafer - Hinetuahoanga - (the Lady of the Sandstone)
Rex O'Brien - Release
Anna Korver - The White Mouse (from 2014 Symposium)
Rakei Kingi - Te Taniwha o Kuirau
Peter Akurangi - I te Kopu o Papatuanuku (The essence of Papatuanuku/Mother Earth)
Jamie Pickernell - Tank Trap (from 2014 Symposium)
Oriah Rapley - The Goddess energy within
Rory McDougall - Within
Jocelyn Pratt - Mud Meditation
Paul Bottomly - Forever Remembered (from 2014 Symposium)
Joe Kemp - Mana
Kuirau Park
Takutaimoana Harawira - Kuirau
Nigel Scanlon - Ore Ore
Peter Edwards - Te Korokoro o te Parata (Throat of the Parata)

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