As petrol prices across the country continue to rise, Rotorua maintains its reputation as one of the cheapest places to fill your tank.

Despite the AA having the national fuel price at 208.9c on January 16, an unofficial Rotorua Daily Post survey yesterday found prices across town varied from only 162.9c to 182.9c for 91 Octane.

While fuel prices in the area have risen up to 12 cents compared with a survey by the Rotorua Daily Post on March 18 2016, yesterday's prices showed a discrepancy in costs across the city.

Mark Stockdale who runs Petrol Watch for the AA said motorists in Rotorua were "winning".


"The low prices here are subsidised by the high cost of petrol in regions like Wellington and the South Island, it's just such a competitive market. Companies that don't match the low prices are forced to close," he said.

Mr Stockdale also reaffirmed it was worth shopping around.

"Rotorua generally have lower prices across the board, even the highest price is far below what the average Kiwi is paying.

"Wherever you shop you're paying less than a lot of other areas," he said.

"However, prices often vary within a region, it's still worth shopping around."

Te Ngae Rd continues to boast Rotorua's cheapest fuel prices, up to 20 cents cheaper than competitors across the Rotorua area.

Yesterday Mobil's Te Ngae station was offering a further 10 cents off their board price of 162.9c, for customers spending over $40 on petrol.

Mobil station owner Matt Ralm said Te Ngae Rd had seen a 35 per cent increase in customers since October last year.


"Te Ngae is extremely competitive, we can keep it low by playing a numbers game," he said.

"It's healthy competition for the consumer and a massive drawcard to our locals."

Dale Tahana who was filling his car among the morning's rush of customers said he had come to Te Ngae especially for the price.

"I see these things on Facebook," he said "It popped up and I raced down here."

Regular customer Manu Scott sang the praises of the independently owned Mobil Station.

"It's the best place" he said.


"I always come here because it's the cheapest."

The cheaper prices at Mobil have forced down prices at competitors Gull and BP, also on Te Ngae Rd.

Rotorua petrol prices for 91
Mobil Te Ngae Rd - 162.9
BP Te Ngae Rd - 162.9
Gull Te Ngae Rd - 162.9
Pak'nSave - 164.9
Challenge Malfroy Rd - 166.9
Gull Lake Rd - 171.1
BP Fairy Springs Rd - 171.9
New World - 171.9
Z Fairy Springs Rd - 172.9
BP Fenton St - 182.9
Caltex Amohau St - 182.9
Z Fenton St - 182.9
* Note, this is not a comprehensive survey of every petrol station in Rotorua and prices were taken 11am today.