Jenny Chapman has done some crazy things for the "perfect Christmas" - including once raising her own piglet to be turned into the Christmas ham.

But these days the Rotorua woman is less about creating what is perceived to be the perfect Christmas and more about turning it into one that everyone can enjoy.

She's teaming up with her mother, clinical psychologist Dr Rosemary Lyons, to run a special workshop aimed at helping people reduce stress at Christmas time and better enjoy the occasion.

The workshop, From Stressed Out to Chilled Out, is being held next Sunday, November 6 from 1pm to 4pm at the Sudima hotel.


Mrs Chapman said the workshop would look at the science behind stress, the causes, and ways to avoid it, as well as mindfulness practice, guided meditation and tips on parenting over the long summer holidays.

"I want to share some of the amazing tools that I have learnt along the way, particularly through caring for my daughter when she was fighting cancer and after she passed away. Life's too short to waste these special family times being stressed out."

Mrs Chapman said it was about trying to empower people to enjoy the holiday period rather than focusing on everyone else.

"It's focusing on skills and really practical ways to reduce stress and enjoy the family time together."

It would be a good mix of the science behind why people got stressed, and practical ways to reduce that.

She said when her 7-year-old daughter Tara was battling cancer and they knew it would be their last Christmas together, the focus changed to being together.

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"It showed that even in the hardest of times you can have a beautiful family time."

Tickets are $20 each and available through