Locals who felt like they spent all September trapped inside were not wrong - statistics show it was wetter than usual for the start of spring.

But thankfully a change in weather patterns will mean residents will get to enjoy some sunny breaks in the coming weeks.

MetService meteorologist Derek Holland said there was 119mm of rain recorded at the airport last month.

This was slightly less than last September when MetService measured 144mm of rain, but the 10-year average for the month is 92mm.


"It seems like Rotorua has had two higher than average Septembers but it looks like the weather pattern will begin to turn into more spring-like westerlies in the next couple of weeks.

"It won't be dry but it will be drier than it has been with hopefully some sunny breaks."

Mr Holland said the temperature was on the mild side for the month

Resident weatherman Brian Holden, who has a weather station in Springfield, compiled the month's statistics.

He recorded a total of 177mm of rain at his base. The most fell on September 21 with 32.2mm.

The coldest day was September 11, recording a low of 2.2C, while the warmest hit 18C on September 19.

September 11 also saw the only frost of the month.

There was about 13mm of rain at the weekend.

Looking ahead:
Today: Rain, chance heavy​/​thundery, clearing tonight. Northerlies. High 16C, low 8C
Tomorrow: Cloudy periods, a few afternoon and evening showers. Southwesterlies. High 17C, low 8C
Tuesday: Cloud increasing, late rain. Northwesterlies. High 17C, low 10C
Wednesday: Rain, briefly heavy, clearing morning. Westerlies. High 17C, low 9C
Thursday: Rain. Northwesterlies. High 14C, low 7C
Friday: Rain. Southwesterlies. High 14C, low 7C