The number of out of town people looking for jobs in Rotorua is increasing significantly - with an increase in ex-pats returning from Australia.

But while the number of applicants has jumped quite significantly, so too has the number of jobs on offer and one local recruitment agency says applicants are able to find the right job quicker.

The news comes on the back of Seek data which showed the number of job listings in the Bay of Plenty was up 22 per cent in the May to July quarter this year compared to the same time the previous year.

In Saturday's Rotorua Daily Post, it was reported at least 40 jobs would be created as part of the new Motion Entertainment and Lynmore Junction complex on Te Ngae Rd.


Talent ID Recruitment director Kellie Hamlett said in the first six months of the year they'd seen a 65 per cent increase in applicants compared to the previous six months.

"What it goes to show is the Bay of Plenty is very on point."

People are actively looking for work in the Bay of Plenty.


She said people were actively looking for work with plans to relocate, while others had moved before they had jobs.

"There's so much in the media about the growth that is happening in the Bay of Plenty and Rotorua and we are seeing a huge amount of people looking to relocate.

"The numbers are quite staggering."

She said the job listings were also up about 30 or 40 per cent in the first six months of this year compared to the last six months of 2015.

"We've noticed a really slow but steady increase over the last two years and in particular the last 18 months.

"What we have here is quite sustainable growth which is always a good thing."

She said the jobs listed had been across the board and while there were a lot involving accounting or finance, there was also demand in infrastructure like building and trade based jobs.

"A lot of them are new roles rather than replacements. It is really pleasing."

She said they usually saw expats wanting to return from Australia at the beginning of the year, but there were a lot at the moment looking to move to Rotorua.

"It is a little bit of an unusual trend."

Ms Hamlett said candidates were able to be a lot more discerning and chose the right job for them.

"A few years ago it might be 12 weeks to find the right role, now its four to six weeks."

Rotorua woman Sheryl Iraia spent nearly a year looking for the right job in Rotorua and has just managed to secure the job she had been looking for, working as a personal assistant at Karldon Trust in Rotorua.

A year ago she left her job working in administration in the health sector wanting a change and mistakenly thought it would be easy to find another job.

It turned out to be harder than she thought.

But she had definitely noticed a big difference in the past few weeks with more jobs opening up in Rotorua.

"It's definitely a healthier job market now. I have noticed a few more jobs have opened up. It's like a blessing," she said.

Personnel and Temp Resources recruitment consultant Anne Long said they continued to be really busy - especially with account roles.

"We've got loads of applicants."

She said it was one of the most buoyant times she had seen recently.

Ms Long said while some were Rotorua people looking for other jobs, there was definitely an increase of people coming in to the area, especially South Africans looking to relocate.

She said the increase in people wanting to move to Rotorua and looking for work had really been since about April.

"For people coming from Auckland and Australia, it is lifestyle reasons."

She said people were happy to sit tight and wait for the right role to come along.

"We are super busy. It is good for Rotorua."