A tour of Rotorua's key construction sites has given high schoolers all the information they need about what the building industry has to offer.

Rotorua Boys' High School student Kaylen Rongo-Apanui, 18, was one of a group of students from Rotorua schools who took part in the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation's Big Construction Tour today, visiting construction firms and sites.

"It's helped give me information about what I need, some key aspects of the industry, and pretty much just given me a step ahead of some other people who haven't had this opportunity," Kaylen said.

The tour was hosted in 13 other locations across New Zealand. This year marked the tour's second run.


John Paul College student Tacy Aitchison, 17, said she was considering a building career before the tour but wanted to see first-hand what to expect.

Rotorua Lakes High student Vincent Hindman, 15, said he started the day "curious" about building, and now knew about a large number of options for entering the industry.

Woodworking was one option, as a visit to Lee Bros Joinery revealed.

Joe Andrews, who was in his second year of apprenticeship at the joinery and led the factory tour, said the day was about "showing kids the bigger scope of options" and proving they did not need to go to university to have a successful career.

The purpose of the tour was to educate more people about the industry and help the govement meet the growing demand for apprentices, BCITO chief executive Warwick Quinn said.

It was stated in the government's 2016 Budget that $14.4 million would be pumped into apprenticeships over the next four years.